Monthly WordPress Hosting Options – Which Features Are Important To You?

monthly wordpress hosting

Monthly WordPress Hosting Options – Which Features Are Important To You?

A detailed analysis of the top five most popular WordPress hosting services. In this article we look at the top five hosting providers for a monthly fee and find out what makes them unique.

Many people opt to run more than one WordPress site, and therefore there are several competing hosting services out there. We have hand-selected the top five most popular WordPress hosting services and their services to assist you to build multiple blogs easily.

HostGator is one of the leading providers of WordPress accounts with a large number of unique features. You can use this company’s free blog building tools to build a basic blog to a high level of professionalism. HostGator’s other features include full website design support, email account creation, forum registration and management, unlimited domain space, and a database that have up to 10 million rows.

Bluehost is another leading provider of a monthly WordPress hosting service. There are several different packages to choose from including a Free, Shared or Dedicated account. The features provided include a wide variety of plug-ins, including lots of photo galleries, unlimited blogs, video pages and much more.

If you want to build a more complex WordPress blog then you will certainly appreciate the advanced features provided by cPanel. There are thousands of custom modules to choose from, allowing you to manage almost any aspect of your online presence. Other features include unlimited domains, domain transfer, MySQL support, PHP script installation, domain monitoring, MySQL storage, FTP access and a backup utility.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) is another popular option for those looking to start a WordPress blog. This type of hosting provides dedicated hosting to your site in the form of a dedicated server which allows you full control of your online presence.

A third popular option for monthly WordPress hosting service is the reseller account. The idea of a reseller is quite simple: you buy a single domain name from the reseller and resell it to your customers for a monthly fee. You then get all the features and benefits of a dedicated hosting account plus you get the ability to host multiple domains.

Whichever method you choose, we would recommend that you consider using one of these hosting services. As with any service you should use care when choosing a company to host your site, but the extra cost will be worth the extra effort.

The biggest thing to consider when you are looking at the monthly WordPress hosting plans is to find a company that can provide features that are valuable to you. For example, some companies charge for unlimited domains while others offer a variety of different hosting packages. Many hosting companies offer a monthly or yearly price, which is the most common form of hosting.

You should also consider the number of features they offer. If you only need a basic blog, then you should stick with a company that offers just that. If you have a number of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, then you may want to look at a company that provides you with a hosting package with additional features such as forums and RSS feeds. {and unlimited photo galleries. Some companies even provide you with the ability to add additional software such as email autoresponders.

You should also consider the amount of time you have available each month to dedicate to managing your website. If you plan to have a lot of work done on it then you may want a company that will allow you to create automatic updates and other things to your website.

One last point to keep in mind is that if you are looking for a cheaper option then there are many options available to you that are less expensive than a monthly WordPress hosting plan. Many companies offer the option of a month-to-month subscription, which gives you unlimited use of the website for just one low monthly fee. You will still be limited by the amount of space that you have on the server, but if you are just running a small business site, then this is often all you need to begin your online presence.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you choose a monthly WordPress hosting service, you will have to make the decision of which provider that you like best and which features are important to you. Once you have done so, you will be able to compare what each company has to offer and decide which company is the right fit for your needs. This will help you get the most out of your hosting service.

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